Bo derek boobs - 🧡 Barely Legal: TV And Movie Scenes That Wouldn't Pass Today

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Actresses That Have Done Underage Nudity >18

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Celine Dion is flawless at 49 in completely nude photo taken backstage

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Linda Evans posed nude for Playboy to help husband

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Films Were The Actresses Were Too Young

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Bo Derek's Measurements: Bra Size, Height, Weight and More

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In 1980, she appeared on Playboy cover wearing only tiny bikini and later repeated posing for this magazine multiple times.

  • While we could fill this list with French and foreign films which seem to have underage women in the buff all the time, we chose only North American films to make it more interesting.

  • John was 30 years older than Bo and married.

  • While the movie is only just over 30 years old, it's impossible to imagine a film in our day would ever attempt to film a scene like this.