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That look on their face when they came in my mouuth would make me ejaculate without even touchiing myself.

  • There were four showers separated by waist-height walls.

  • If I hadn't saw them I would have ended my sauna in another minute or so but I didn't feel like walking out while the two of them were doing whatever the two of them were doing in that stall.

  • But instead of boy's gym, I took band.

I knew I would never dare to approach a guy, but I couldn't trust my own body not to be get aroused, and I felt tremendous shame at being so transparent, that every guy knew what was really on my mind.

  • Not that I couldn't control myself.

  • They seemed a bit taken back I was in there as I suppose they must have thought they had the locker room to themselves.

  • It happens to lots of guys when and where you get an erection is hard to control.