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The 53-year-old dared to bare as she stripped down completely nude for the latest shoot by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

  • One thing I could never figure out if it was because the character of Alex was poorly-conceived, or if it was because Farrah Forke was a horrible actress who brought nothing to the role besides huge fake breasts, but her addition to the show was a bad idea.

  • As the title proclaims, Gerri Anderson is left without funds as ex-husband Doug Brian Kerwin drops out of sight.

  • I loved Alright Already also.

Nationality Education Farrah had attended a community college and completed her coursework there after she got pregnant.

  • But on December 28, 2008, Derek died in a car accident.

  • It seems that the new fashion of celebrities is always to go running and to workout without a shirt.

  • She became best known as Alex Lambert for two seasons on the.

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