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Timely entry into prenatal care can help reduce medical complications of teen pregnancy.

  • But some people would argue that our contemporary take on sex ed isn't all that much better.

  • However, because of official corruption and substandard police resources, no one has ever been convicted of purchasing virgins in Cambodia's courts.

  • Pretty Much the Entire Female Casts:You may not have heard of Decoys, a 2005 Canadian film that shamelessly apes the premise of our number one movie, transplanting it into a gratuitous horny college co-ed scenario.


  • They soon find their friendships and love lives colliding, and on Christmas morning, nothing will be the same.

  • As it has a little bit of horror, action, romance, sadness, comedy, and happiness.

  • Teen pregnancy is a high-risk period for homelessness as a result of parents kicking out the pregnant teenager or partner conflict or violence.

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